St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th 2012

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    So when did Saint Patrick’s Day become such a big deal? When I was a kid it just meant that you better put some green on or you are going to get pinched. Our kids were up at 7am – at our bedside to see if we were wearing green and the pinching began. They were so excited like Christmas morning excited. At this point they were all already dressed from head to toe in green (they never dress themselves!) The kids were just excited all day and unfortunately I had nothing GREEN planned. Fortunately they have a great dad that made them yummy green cinnamon rolls and homemade shamrock shakes (since McDonald’s was sold out yesterday when I tried to buy one.) Grandma and Grandpa Nettesheim completed their night by bringing them a St. Patty’s bag of chocolate GOLD!

    LOVE these cinnamon rolls!

    a little skateboard fun!

    it was a kite flying day!





    Raymond actually smiled!

    shamrock shakes

    bag of Gold!

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