cookie dough


    I’ve started watching what I eat but today the calories got the best of me and I snitched some cookie dough that was in the fridge. As I sneakily indulged in the sweet cookie dough, Rose appeared at my side:

    Rose: Whatcha Eating Mom?

    Me: Rice.

    Rose: What kind of Rice?

    Me: The kind we had for dinner last night.

    Rose: Is it Cookie Dough Rice?

    Me: umm

    Rose: Can I have some cookie dough?

    At this point I felt bad for lying and gave everyone cookie dough – (which is exactly what I didn’t want to do)… Lying is never the answer.

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    1. Lol! Okay, so I’m a terrible lying mom because I put ice cream in a coffee mug and then tell them to stay back because it’s hot coffee. Learned this from my mom who apparently did this for years when we were kids.

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