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    Rose is our 7 year old perfectionist. No matter what she is doing she wants to do it WELL. This can be a really good trait and helps her excel but it also holds her back a little because she doesn’t want to mess up. She was a pretty cute 100 year old Grandma this week:

    • Rose is killing the scripture reading. She has gotten so much better at reading since the beginning of the school year. (3rd grade Lexia level.)
    • She Loves Descendants, dresses up just because,
    • She likes to draw – Santa and elves one week, cats and birds another week.
    • Her teacher says that she is always on task. If she has a sub she leaves Rose’s name for the sub if they have any questions!
    • Rose Loves her friends and she Loves to look cute.
    • She is a natural nurturer.
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