October 2017 – what??

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    General Conference was on October 1st this year. Joel and Megan made us this delicious breakfast and we got to see Shan and Kel. Conference was pretty awesome. I love hearing from the General Authorities and Apostles of the church. President Monson was too sick to speak this time 🙁 And we got to celebrate Rose turning 7!

    On Monday the 2nd we babysat Bennett and ran around doing soccer and then went to Dagny’s 1st birthday party!!

    On Tuesday we enjoyed the weather! It has been a cold Fall so far so I am trying to soak in the sun when we can. These are pictures of my morning crew riding bikes and dribbling basketballs:

    Rose still loves this backpack . She has stories every day about people wanting to touch it and write there names on it. I love that she loves it. It probably won’t last through all of grade school like Benji’s backpack did but this is worth it.

    Packer found this quote while riding his scooter around at Ray’s soccer practice. He was excited to memorize it and share it for the thought of the day in his school class.

    We had soccer games Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week! The kids had dun playing in the evening and Ben cancelled practices for the week so it all worked out.

    On Thursday we had another nice day so we ate lunch in the front yard and played out there before Ray had to go to school:

    On Friday I got a birthday present from my parents! And Ray finally did his homework for the week!

    Tiago has been loving the clean toy room. he likes his paw patrols and his Duckies. He also threw a big fit after his bath because he wanted a pony tail like Millie… I normally wouldn’t fight him on it but we were going to Ben’s work party that night and I wasn’t wanting him to sport the Pony. O’well.

    a good first week to a new month!

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